Ultra Low Latency (ULL Live)

What is an Ultra Low Latency Live (ULL Live)

Ultra Low Latency Live (ULL Live) refers to a type of live streaming technology that allows for near real-time transmission of video and audio data. With ULL Live, the delay between the time the video or audio is captured and the time it is received by the end user is minimized, typically to just a few seconds or less. This is in contrast to traditional live-streaming technologies, which can have delays of 30 seconds or more.

ULL Live is important for applications or services that require rapid, real-time response, such as live sports events, news broadcasts, gaming, and online auctions. With ULL Live, viewers can watch the action unfold in real-time, as if they were there in person.

ULL Live is achieved through a combination of specialized encoding and transmission technologies, as well as optimized network infrastructure. These technologies minimize the time it takes for video and audio data to be captured, encoded, transmitted, and received, resulting in a near-instantaneous viewing experience for the end user.

How to enable ULL Live for your event

You can refer to Add a live event to enable this advanced feature when creating live events.

Note: Once a live event is created, it’ll be uneditable for enabling/disabling the advanced feature.

Limitation for enabling ULL Live

Ultra Low Latency Live has the following limitations: