Set up Interaction Features

This article details instructions on setting up interaction features when creating a new live event.

BlendVision One offers two primary interaction features to engage your audience in your live event:



Chatroom provides real-time interaction with your audience via text, emoji, or custom stickers. 

How to enable chatroom features

1. Access the  “Interaction” tab when adding / reusing the live event.

2. Toggle the options under the “Chatroom” section:

  • Live: the chatroom will be available during live broadcast (Status: Preview~Live) .
  • Live-to-VOD: this option is available only when you have enabled the Live-to-VOD function. The chatroom will be available during the Live-to-VOD publishing period (Status: VOD).

3. Once enabled, you can also select the theme (light or dark) for the chatroom. 

4. You should complete other settings of content (such as General, Security, etc), then press the “Save” button to submit and create the content.

The chatroom will then be displayed in the control room within the period you defined (Live / Live-to-VOD).

If you want to manage the chatroom while your event is live or Live-to-VOD is publishing, please refer to Manage Chatroom while Live.

Cautions for enabling chatroom feature

  • The options of enabling/disabling chatroom and selected themes are only allowed to be changed when creating or reusing the event. Be sure to set up your chatroom to your liking before going live.



You can also create polls to interact with your users during live events. 

How to enable poll features

1. If the chatroom is enabled, the Poll icon will be displayed in the bottom side of the chatroom next to the player.

2. Click the Poll icon to create a poll.


3. Enter your poll question and options, then press the “Save” button to submit and create the Poll.

If you want to know how to manage polls while your event is live, please refer to Manage Polls while Live for more details.

Cautions for enabling poll features

  • The poll feature is only supported on both Traditional Livestream Mode and DVR (Start-Over) Mode, but not supported for simulive events which select playback mode.