Cancel a Live Event

BlendVision One allows you to cancel a live event after it has been created. 

This article details instructions on how to cancel a live event on the BlendVision One web console.


Before we start

Before canceling the event, please confirm the following points:

  • The “Cancel Event” button will be available between the “Preparing” to ”Live” statuses. For events that enabled Live-to-VOD, it will also be available when the event is under the “VOD” status. 
  • It is unable to be undone once canceling. Please refer to the After cancellation section of this article for more information.

Canceling your event

To cancel a live event on BlendVision One Web console, please refer to the steps below:

1. Click "Live" on the left sidebar to access the livestream module. All previously created events will be listed in the livestream list.

2. Find the event you would like to cancel and click the control room icon on the right to access the control room of your event.

3. Click on the "Cancel Event" button to cancel the event.


  • Note: If the “Cancel Event” button is not displayed, please confirm if the current event status allows the event to be canceled (refer to the previous section in this article).

4. After canceling the event, you will automatically be redirected back to the livestream list. The status for the canceled event will change to "Closed”.___2023-03-28___9.05.35.png

After Cancellation

Once the event is canceled, you can refer to the articles below for further actions if needed:

  • Reuse a Live Event for how to reopen and reuse the same live event.
  • The events closed by canceling will still be counted into the usages of “Concurrent Livestream”. please refer to Archive a Live Event for how to archive events that will no longer be used.