Per-Title-Encoding (PTE) Introduction

What is Per-Title-Encoding (PTE)

Per-Title-Encoding is a video encoding technique where the encoding parameters, such as bitrate and resolution, are customized on a per-title basis. This means that each individual video is analyzed and encoded with the optimal parameters, based on its specific characteristics, such as complexity and visual quality.

Per-Title-Encoding aims to improve the overall video quality while minimizing the file size and bandwidth requirements. By using custom encoding parameters for each title, the resulting video can be delivered with the best possible visual quality, without wasting bandwidth or storage space on unnecessary data.

Leveraging Per-Title-Encoding is a great method to improve efficiency and quality when distributing content to a wide array of audiences. 

Take advantage of it while using BlendVision One! 

How to enable PTE for your VOD content

Please refer to Add a VOD for further instructions on how to enable this advanced feature when creating your VOD content.

Limitations for enabling PTE

Per-Title-Encoding has the following limitations: 

  • Video Codec: Only supports H.264. H.265 is not supported.