General Settings

Cloud Storage

BlendVision One provides an upload file method for VOD encoding that allows BlendVision One to fetch files from your AWS S3 bucket. By setting the trust policy correctly, you can grant BlendVision permission to access your S3 buckets, and then provide the file path(s) for VOD encoding. If you want to receive encoded files, simply choose the cloud storage bucket you've created in the console, and the encoded files will be stored there.

The article covers the following settings: 


Trust policy Template

First, you'll need to have the Trust policy template that BlendVision has generated. 

  1. Log in to BlendVision One, then go to General Settings > Cloud Storage > click Create Storage 
  2. Copy the generated Trust Policy (this will be used for IAM Custom trust policy setting) 
  3. Do not close the window; you will return later to input the rest of the required fields.



IAM Role Setting

  1. Log in to your AWS account and go to Identity and Access Management (IAM)  
  2. On the side menu, under Access Management, select Role 
  3. Click Create Role button on the upper right 
  4. Under the Trusted entity type, select Custom trust policy 
  5. Paste the Trust Policy copied from BlendVision One 
  6. Click Next 
  7. You will be directed to the Add permissions section, under Permission policies. To ensure that you maintain full control over your objects' management rights, we recommend creating a custom policy that grants only the necessary access to BlendVision One. Copy and paste the policy below and attach this policy to the role.
    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [

    8. Input the Role name and an optional description of the role 

    9. Click Create Role at the bottom right of the page 


BlendVision One Create Storage Setting

On the Create Storage page, input the following fields: 

  • Display name: the name that will display on the Cloud Storage list 
  • AWS_S3 bucket setting 
    • Name: name of your S3 bucket 
    • Region: AWS region of the S3 bucket 
    • Folder: folder in the S3 bucket in which you will allow file access for VOD encodings
    • ARN: AWS Resource Name of the Role which you have created in the IAM Role Setting steps
  • Click Create Storage on the upper right to save the setting


Note : For Role ARN, you can find more information on the Summary page of the Role Screen_Shot_2023-04-05_at_11.57.42_PM.png