Analytics Module Introduction

The Analytics module provides visualized charts and downloadable reports for performance analysis and trend assessments, to help you improve decision-making and optimize business strategies

This article details how to utilize Analytics module to get the analytics and reports you need:

  • Accessing the Analytics module
  • Getting analytics and usage information from the dashboard
  • Download performance reports


Accessing the Analytics module

Access the Analytics module through the “Analytics” > “Stream”/ “AiSK” item from the left sidebar on the BlendVision One web console.

Here, you can get up-to-date information about your content and usage.


Getting analytics and usage information from the dashboard

In the Analytics module, you can access the tabs below to get the information you need:

  • Overall tab: performance and total usage information with visualized graphics.
  • VOD tab: detailed reports for each VOD.
  • AOD tab: detailed reports for each AOD.
    • Refer to Individual AOD Analysis.


For the AiSK related analytics information, please refer to Analytics for AiSK for more details.

Download performance reports

BlendVision One also provides downloadable .csv format performance reports.

Please refer to Download Analytic Reports for more details.