Manage Chatroom while Live

This article details instructions on how to manage your chatroom from the control room.

Manage the comments in the chatroom

In the control room of a chatroom-enabled event, the chatroom preview and management options will display on the right side of the player.



The control room provides different functions for managing the chatroom seen by audiences in the showroom/embed iFrame player:

You can also create polls directly from the control room. For details on Poll management, please refer to Manage Polls while Live.

Global settings


  • Timestamp: You can turn on timestamps to show when messages were sent.

  • Mute Chatroom: You can mute the chatroom to prevent the audience from commenting in the chatroom.
  • Appearance:You can switch the chatroom theme between Light and Dark mode.


  • Word Filter: You can filter out messages containing specific words from multiple languages in the chatroom.

  • Banned Users: You can check the banned users list and unban them if desired. For banned users, please refer to the “Message settings” section of this article.
  • Manage Admin Name: You can manage and change the Admin name displayed in the chatroom from “Change Name”. 

As a live event administrator under an organization, each independent browser can record the Admin name for a live event, which will be retained even after refreshing the page or opening a new page on the browser.


The default Admin name is “Admin”.

Message settings

  • Admin message: You can send messages as an admin from the control room.
  • Settings menu for each message: You can manage messages by pinning, deleting, or banning the user.
    • Pin this message allows you to pin the selected message to the top of the chatroom. This is useful for any messages you would like to highlight such as news or announcements. You may also unpin the pinned message.
    • Delete this message allows you to delete any message from the chatroom. This is useful for hiding any inappropriate comments.
    • Ban this user allows you to add a specific audience member into the ban list. Their messages will continue to display on the admin’s side but will be hidden from the rest of the audience’s chatroom.
    • Show user details allows you to check the selected user’s detailed information if available.

  • Historical Message

Enable to display the 100 most recent messages after rejoining chat or refreshing the page.

Concurrent Online Users

Allows admin to confirm the concurrent online user count displayed on the upper right of the chatroom in real time during the live event.

Sticker management

The sticker feature allows users to send stickers which you have uploaded in advance in real time during the live event.

Access the Sticker List through the Library via the sidebar on the console.

A total of 6 sets of stickers are allowed in the Sticker List. One of them is the default sticker set which can not be deleted/edited.

You can customize up to 5 sets of stickers which can be added/deleted/edited. 

Creating a sticker set

Click “Add Sticker Set” to add a new sticker set.



Input Field

  • Sticker Set Name: Input your preferred name in the field. Default name is “Stickers Package Name”. This field is required and must be less than 30 characters.

  • Create Sticker Set Cover: Upload the cover of your sticker set. 
    • Format: PNG/JPEG/JPG/GIF
    • File size: < 1MB
    • Resolution: H240 x W240

  • Upload and Manage Stickers: Click Add Sticker and select your sticker file to upload and manage your stickers from the Sticker List. Each sticker set is allowed to have 36 stickers
    • Format: PNG/JPEG/JPG/GIF
    • File size: < 1MB
    • Resolution: H240 x W240


The created sticker set can be confirmed in the Sticker List where you can edit/add/delete stickers.

Using stickers in the chatroom

Enable Sticker in the chat field of the chatroom during a live event. You can enable all sticker sets or specific ones by toggling them. 


The enabled Sticker Sets can be displayed on the face icon > Sticker Set Cover tab of chatroom.


Both Admin and users can use the stickers from the Sticker Sets during a live event.

  • Note: Once the event is created, the publishing period of the chatroom will be uneditable. For the editable fields after creating an event, please refer to Edit a Live Event.