Set up Player Features

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up the player in the BlendVision One showroom and the BlendVision One iFrame player for your contents using the BlendVision One console.

If you are using a BlendVision One player SDK, you can skip this article and refer to the associated documentation for the following SDKs:


Before we start

To set up a customized player style for your content, please ensure that you have prepared your desired player template.

  • You can confirm the preset and customized template in the player settings page via [Player > Settings] on the side menu in the BlendVision One web console.
  • If none of the templates meet your requirements, please refer to Customize Player Template to create a new custom template.


Set up the player for your content

  • Log in to your BlendVision One web console and navigate to [VOD]/ [AOD]/ [Live] on the side menu.
  • Click on the event you would like to set up.
  • Navigate to the “Player” tab on the event settings page.
  • Select a template you prefer and click on the “Save” button.


What's more