Azure Media Services (AMS) Migration Guide

Azure Media Services (AMS) has announced its retirement date as June 30, 2024. BlendVision One is prepared to be your next partner to continue your business. Please follow this guide to seamlessly migrate your assets to BlendVision One.


What You Can Expect

  • Asset Migration:
    • Streaming assets in DASH / HLS format with thumbnails, subtitles, and DRM encryption (Fairplay + PlayReady + Widevine)
    • Source media files
  • Processing:
    • No need for re-encoding; your AMS encoded assets will be directly packaged into streaming format
    • No additional fees will be charged by BlendVision for the processing


  • DRM will be automatically integrated when a streaming locator with DRM streaming policy (Predefined_MultiDrmCencStreaming, Predefined_MultiDrmStreaming) is detected in your AMS asset.
  • Fairplay + PlayReady + Widevine will all be included for DRM after migration, regardless of the source AMS streaming locator settings.


  • Clear key is not supported.
  • After migration, the subtitle display name will match its input file name, and the language code will default to eng due to data migration limitations. You can edit these after the migration (refer to step 2).



10/11 Release of the migration tool
TBD Support geo-region playback restriction control
TBD Support ultra-low latency live streaming
TBD Allow directly creation of new audio assets in BlendVision One
TBD Separate audio and VOD assets on the console for a better experience
TBD Provide pure audio player iframe and SDK (without video screen)

Step 1: Obtain Your BlendVision One Account

Free Trial

Contact us to get started with your free trial account and expert consultation.

Notes: A maximum of 10 asset migrations is allowed during the trial.


Subscribe a Best Plan on Your Needs

  1. Check your current AMS monthly storage consumption, including all streaming assets and source media files.
  2. Evaluate your monthly storage increment from new encoding assets.
  3. Sum the total storage obtained from steps (1) & (2) and select a suitable plan:
Lite Total 500 GB storage with an increment of <=250 GB included per month
Basic Total 1,000 GB storage with an increment of <=500 GB included per month
Plus Total 3,000 GB storage with an increment of <=1,500 GB included per month



Step 2: Migrate Your AMS Assets to BlendVision One

Run the BlendVision One AMS Migration Tool 

Contact us for the service (to be ready on 10/11)


Edit Subtitle’s Display Name and Language Code

Due to limitations of AMS migratable data, the migration tool will automatically set the subtitle's display name to match its input file name and the language code to eng by default.

To make edits of the display name and language code for your migrated subtitle asset in BlendVision One, please use this API:

    "code": "eng",
    "display": "English",
    "id": "34386ef5-209e-453f-93c7-6f48a24ad38c",
    "name": ""



Step 3: Check Your Migrated Assets in BlendVision One

Streaming Assets


Source Media Files

Embrace a New Beginning with BlendVision One

Having completed the migration, it's time to explore the full capabilities of BlendVision One:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach to our support team:

Our team is dedicated to making your migration to BlendVision One a success!