Archive your Live Event

BlendVision One allows you to reuse a live event to decrease the time and effort it takes to create a new event with similar settings. 

However, we recommend archiving events you no longer plan on using in order to save on concurrent livestream usage.

Note: The maximum number of concurrent livestreams will vary depending on the pricing plan you subscribed to. You can confirm concurrent livestream usage from the Dashboard module. You may also opt to upgrade your plan via the Organization module to increase the maximum.

This article details how to archive a live event.

Before we start

Before archiving a live event, please confirm the following points:

  • You can not archive a live event while it is in the following statuses: “Initiating”, “Encoding”,  and “VOD”.
    If you want to archive an event under those statuses, please cancel your event first to change the status to “Closed”.
  • The decision to archive a live event is final. The archived event can no longer be reused and its control room will no longer be accessible.
  • You can still confirm and download performance reports for archived events from the Analytics module.

Accessing the Livestream List

1. Click the “Live” item in the left sidebar to access your “Livestream List”, then select the livestream you would like to archive.


Archiving a live event

2. Click the menu icon, then click “Archive” to archive the selected event. 


3. Once archiving is completed, you will see the event’s status change from “Archiving” to “Archived” in the Livestream List.