What is billable usage?

BlendVision One will charge you based on your pricing plan and the usage of the described components.

When your usage exceeds your pricing plan’s limit, further usage will be charged at the plan’s overage rate.

You can refer to our Official Website for more information.

Component Definition

CDN usage is based on the amount of data that is transferred over from the CDN servers to end user devices. Factors such as view count, view time, video resolution, bitrate, and compression settings will all affect CDN usage.


Storage usage is typically calculated based on the amount of video data that is stored on the BlendVision One server. This data includes uploaded video files, encoded VODs, and Live-to-VODs.


Encoding usage is calculated based on the encoding video’s file size, codec, frame rate, and resolution. 

Additional enabled features will also affect encoding usage:

  • PTE (Per-Title Encoding)
  • H.265 Codecs
  • Faster Encoding Queue

*Live module features such as Live-to-VOD can also affect your encoding usage.


DRM features require user devices to send requests to the BlendVision One server for a license to access and decrypt a protected content.

Overage fees will be charged if the request amount exceeds your plan limit.

Live Hours

BlendVision One offers unlimited audience capacity for all pricing plans. However, some features will affect the consumption of live hour usage:

  • ‍Ultra Low Latency
  • 4K Livestreams

*Live hours count from when the server starts receiving signal until the livestream ends (Preview~Live status). If the Live-to-VOD function is enabled, the VOD publishing period will not be counted.

Concurrent Livestream

Concurrent livestream refers to the number of live events you can broadcast to your audience simultaneously.

*Once an event is created, it will be considered a concurrent livestream until archived.

Support Services (Add-On) BlendVision One offers add-on support packages tailored to your business requirements upon request:
  • 24/7 Premium Customer Service
  • Live Event Support