Set up API Tokens

This article details how to set up API tokens on the BlendVision One web console to integrate BlendVision One APIs for your VODs and livestreams.

The API token serves as a key for integrating your application with BlendVision One API, in order to publish private content with the embedded iframe player, integrated Player SDK, or other use cases which require API integration.

Before we start

In most cases, you can easily use BlendVision One services on the web console and publish your content directly to your audience with the auto-generated showroom website, without the need to integrate the API.

You can refer to the example cases below, to confirm whether API integration is needed for your use cases:

  • Publishing private content with the embed iframe player.
  • Publishing content with the BlendVision One Player SDK.
  • Integrating BlendVision One services into your existing system or service.
  • You can also refer to Integrate Existing Membership Systems for Private Content for more examples.

If you need to create a new API token, please refer to the instructions in this article.


Creating a new API token for integration

1. Log in to your BlendVision One web console and navigate to “Developers” → “API Token” on the side menu

2. Press the "Create New API Token" button to create an API token for integration.

3. Customize the preferred Name and Expiration Date, then press the "Create" button to submit.


4. Once submitted, the details of the token will be shown in a pop-up window.

  • Please remember to copy the generated API token for API integration, then securely store this API token somewhere accessible. 
    For security reasons, the token details will no longer be visible from your account once the pop-up window is closed by pressing the “Done” button.

5. After pressing the “Done” button to close the pop-up window, the newly created API token can be found on the API Tokens list. 

You can use the API token to embed the iframe player codes onto your website and integrate our API. Please refer to the Developer Guide for more detailed information.


Delete unused API tokens

1. Log in to your BlendVision One web console and navigate to “Developers” → “API Token” on the side menu.

2. Press the delete icon of the API tokens you want to delete in API Tokens list.


3. A pop-up window will be shown for confirmation. Click the “Delete” button to permanently delete the API Token you wish to delete.


4. When deletion is complete, the following notification will be displayed and you will be redirected to the API Tokens list.