Dashboard Module Introduction

Once you log in to the BlendVision One web console, the Dashboard module will be the top page that provides you with a comprehensive overview of our service. 

This centralized hub serves as the command center for your monitoring needs. From the Dashboard module, you can effortlessly navigate through various sections, gaining an up-to-date overview into the latest news on BlendVision One, and your livestream/VOD usage.

This article details how to utilize the Dashboard module:


Top News

The top banner on the dashboard displays the latest BlendVision One news, such as maintenance information, key feature releases, and any help articles that can be referred to.


Ongoing events

Under the top banner, it shows the up-to-date overview of your ongoing livestreams and VOD encoding.

Ongoing live channel

This section lets you check the number of concurrent livestreams:

  • Active: live events bet5ween the “Preview” ~ “Live” statuses will be counted in this item.
  • Idle: live events not between “Preview” ~ “Live” statuses will be counted in this item. 


  • Archived live events will not be counted as ongoing live channels.
  • For the definition of each live status and their transitions, please refer to Live Module Introduction

Ongoing encoding

From this section, you can check the number of VODs that are still encoding.

  • Standard: VODs encoding in the standard queue.
  • Faster: VODs encoding in the faster queue.


  • Encoded VOD will not be included in the ongoing encoding count.
  • For details on encoding speed and queue types, refer to Processing Speed
  • Refer to Edit a VOD to confirm the definition of each encoding status.


Assets Statistics

This section offers an overview of your past live events and encoded VODs from the past 28 days through the “Livestreams” and “VODs” tab.

The data is collected from our Analytics module with further insight on individual content available in “Advanced Analytics”.

Accumulated data

You can data on the following metrics for live events and encoded VODs from the past 28 days:

  • Events (shown in Livestream tabs) and VODs (shown in VODs tab): shows the number of past live events (including archived events) and VODs.
  • Total Views: shows the total view count of your content.
  • Total Watch Time (hr): shows the total watch time of your content in hours.
  • Total Unique Viewers: shows the total number of unique viewers after excluding repeated device IDs.

Top Event/Top VOD

These tables display the following data regarding past live events and encoded VODs.

  • Top Event/Top VOD: for the live event name and VODs name.
  • Views: shows the view count for each content.
  • Avg. View Duration (hr): shows the average watch time for a piece of content in hours.


Usage Summary

This section shows a summary of your estimated billable usage with accompanying graphics, including CDN, storage, live hours, and DRM requests (the last two require clicking “Expand All” at the bottom to display).

The data is collected from our Analytics module with further insight available by pressing “View all”.

Note: The displayed estimated data is for reference only. Please navigate to Organization module > Billing via the sidebar for actual charges and bills.

Billable CDNs

The visualized graphics will show your CDN usage for livestreams and VODs. You can switch the graphics using the options from the upper right corner:

  • Overall: Total usages in GB, encompassing both your previous live events and VODs consumption.
  • 【忽略:Livestreams
  • VODs: 】

Noted: The billable CDN usage for livestreams includes the actual CDN consumption and the transition time between your active and idle channels.

Billable Storages

The graphic will show your storage usage for encoding and file storing. You can switch the graphic from the options in the upper right corner:

  • Overall: total usage for encoding and files in the library modules measured in gigabytes. You can also confirm your encoding quota.
  • File Storage: consumption details for files stored in BlendVision One’s cloud storage.
  • Encoding: consumption details for encoding using advanced features.

Accumulated live hours

You can confirm the consumption and quota of live hours, including regular live events and events with advanced features enabled.

DRM requests

You can confirm the DRM usage per request used in live and VOD streaming.



From the bottom of the dashboard, you can easily access our user guides, FAQ articles, and other resources from our help center. These resources are designed to assist you in making the most of BlendVision One's modules and features.