Confirm Encoding Status of VOD

Once a file(s) is uploaded for encoding, you can confirm the status and details in the VOD editing page of each VOD.

This article details how to confirm the encoding status after a VOD is created in the BlendVision One VOD module:

  • Status overview in the VOD list 
  • Accessing the Status tab in the VOD editing page


Before we start

Please refer to the following related articles:


 Status overview in the VOD list

To get a quick overview of the encoding status of your VODs, you can check the Status fields shown in the VOD List in the VOD module.

However, we also recommend you confirm the following sections to get further details on the encoding progress of each content.  


Access the Status tab in the VOD editing page

1. Please refer to Edit a VOD for steps on accessing the Status tab shown in the VOD editing page of the VOD module.

2. In the Status tab, you can track progress and the video inspection results:

Encoding log

This section displays each status with completion timestamps


  • Ingesting: file is being transferred from user input to BlendVision One’s upload storage.
  • Queueing: file is queuing for encoding resources.
  • Encoding: file is being encoded, transcoded, and packaged 
  • Deploying: file is being deployed to a CDN or to the assigned cloud storage 
  • Success: file has been successfully deployed and is ready to be streamed/previewed.
    • Note: some features are only available when the encoding status is “Success”. For more information, please refer to Edit a VOD.

If the encoding job fails due to an error during encoding, you can check the error message for troubleshooting advice, or contact our support team.

You can confirm the failed VOD in the VOD List and delete it via the delete icon.

Source file information

This section displays the inspection results of the uploaded file configuration