Manage Polls while Live

This article details instructions on how to manage polls from the chatroom.


Manage a poll from the chatroom

In the control room of an event with the chatroom enabled, the management options of the chatroom and polls will display on the bottom side of the preview player. 

Once the chatroom is enabled in the Control Room, you will find the Poll icon in the bottom side of the chatroom next to the Player



Managing polls while live

During your live event, you can manage poll items as shown below

  • Enter your poll question and options, then press the “Save” button to submit and create the Poll. (You should fill in at least 2 options. Up to 50 polls can be made.)

  • Press the edit icon shown on the upper-right side of an existing poll to edit it.

  • Press the delete icon shown on the upper-right side of an existing poll to delete it.


Once you have created a poll, you can host the poll to get audience’s feedback while live: 

1. Press the “Start” button to start the poll in real-time. Only one poll can be active at a time.

The poll options will display and be selectable on the audience’s player. 

2. Press the “End” button to end the poll and show the results on the audience's player.

3. Press the “Unpublish” button to unpublish the poll and hide the results.