If VOD start time is earlier than completing encoding on Live-to-VOD enabled situation, how does it work?

Once encoding is complete, Live-to-VOD begin to stream automatically.

In addition, how each player and status display works before encoding is complete is detailed as follows:

  • Showroom (audience view):
    Before the VOD starts, the cover image (Livestream ended/Before VOD) is displayed on the player. Once VOD starts, the player will display a play button. It is not necessary to refresh the showroom.
    (If the user's device pauses the loading of the showroom on their device ie. sleep mode, it may be necessary to refresh the showroom)

  • Control room (broadcaster view):
    Behavior is identical to that of the showroom.

  • Status displayed on the livestream list (broadcaster view):
    During encoding, the "Encoding" status is shown. Once the VOD starts, the status changes to "VOD". The display will only change after refreshing the window.

Note : 

Encoding time is dependent on the livestream contents, making estimation difficult. Consider the follow points if you intend to use the Live-to-VOD function soon after your live event concludes:

  • Make sure to leave more buffer time for the encoding to complete.

  • Announce to your audience about the possibility of the VOD being delayed due to the need to encode.

  • Indicate on your cover images that VOD playback may be delayed due to encoding.


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