Create AiSK

BlendVision AiSK allows users to chat with their proprietary data, ask questions and get answers with Citations linking to their original data source. It can also function as a semantic search when users don’t know the exact keyword to search for.

Before creating your AiSK, it requires you to prepare Sources and create Knowledge Base first. Please find the AiSK creation flow below and refer to the following sections for more details.


Quick links for following sections:

Add AiSK

1. Access AiSK via the sidebar on the BlendVision One web console, then add new AiSK. 

2. Click “Add AiSK” to create AiSK

Input your preferred name in the AiSK Name field. Default name is “AiSK Name”. 

This field is required and must be less than 100 characters.

Before clicking “Create AiSK”, you can add Knowledge Bases and set AiSK detailed information. To add and manage Knowledge Bases, please refer to  <Knowledge Base> for more details.

Playground can be previewed at this stage before AiSK is created. Please check the <Playground> section below for more details. 

Global Setting


Click to expand/collapse the section (default: expanded) and define AiSK’s language, style, and responses.

  • Model: Currently, we offer a chat model “Lite” to engage the interaction. 

  • Role: You can set a personalized role for your AiSK, where you can choose a present one or create a new one.

The default is “None”, you can choose 3 roles and 1 customization option via dropdown menu.

The character description can be edited, and this field is required (Maximum 150 tokens)

  • None
  • Admin
  • Support
  • Summarizer
  • Customization

  • Creativity: Default setting is 0. The value can be set between 0-1. 
    • 0 means the most conservative and deterministic
    • 1 means the most creative and random.


  • Response Length Setting: It offers you to customize the response length to meet your requirement.
    • Brief
    • Average
    • Extensive


Click to expand/collapse the section (default: expanded) and manage settings for Knowledge Base selection and Citation display.

  • Enable “Knowledge Base Selection”, the users can select specific Knowledge Bases among your Knowledge Bases based on their requirement. 

Note: Default setting is off. 

  • Enable “Display Citation” to link data from Source and display thumbnails/titles/texts to users. Default setting is off.

Please check the <Playground> section below for more details. 


Look and Feel

Click to expand/collapse the section (default: expanded) and set AiSK’s look and feel. 

Click “Enable Customization”, and the following fields will appear and be able to be edited.

Profile Picture: The logo will be shown on Playground. You can upload a file with png/jpg/jpeg format.

  • Display Name: The default name is AiSK. (Maximum: 50 characters)
  • Welcome Message: The default message for greeting your users is “Hello, how may I help you?”. (Maximum: 100 characters)
  • Message Placeholder: The default message shown on placeholder is “Send a message”. (Maximum: 40 characters)


  • Theme: The default theme is “Light”. Light/Dark mode can be switched.


  • User Message Color: The default color is “#0E78F4”. You can define message color with color code.


After all the information has been defined, click Create AiSK and will go to Playground where you can edit the AiSK and share the AiSK via the share button on the upper right side.


All created AiSKs and detailed information can be confirmed on the AiSK List.

AiSK List sorts in descending order based on the last update.

Items and icon on the AiSK List are listed below:

  • Item 
    • Name: Display name of AiSK
    • Model: Model name 
    • Role: Personalized role for AiSK
    • Last Updated: The last time you updated AiSK 
    • Status: Status of AiSK, please find details in <AiSK Status>
  • Icon
    • : Go to playground and edit AiSK
    • : Publish AiSK
    • : Delete AiSK


Click to expand/collapse the section (default: collapse) and toggle to enable domain control and Rate Limit.

Domain Control

After enabling Domain Control, you can add domains up to the maximum 100 allowed domains.

You can delete the allowed domains anytime and when more than 6 allowed domains exist, you can scroll down to view more.


Rate Limit

Rate Limit is able to be set for individual AiSK to prevent abusive usage or for cost saving.

  • Per Minute: Enable Per Minute, you can limit the number of messages your users send in a specific interval. The rule is {N} messages per {M} minutes.
    • Messages: 
      • Default value is 5. 
    • Minutes: 
      • Default value is 1. 
    • Message for Limit Reached: You can define a notification to your users once the number of messages reaches the limit. 
      • Default message is “Too many messages in a row.” 
      • The message must be less than 100 characters.

  • Advanced Options: Enable Advanced Options, you can define advanced limitations with user identity. You can choose either per IP or Device ID to limit the frequency of sending messages. (default is per IP)

  • Daily Max: Enable Daily Max, you can limit the maximum number of messages users can send per day. 
    • Input the maximum number of messages per day in the input field.  (Maximum is 10000.) 

  • Once the messages reach the limit, the countdown timer and reminder “Closed for the day, come back later” will be shown on the page. Countdown timer will be re-calculated if you reset the Daily Max value. 


Edit AiSK


Click the AiSK you want to edit on the AiSK List and you can edit AiSK’s details.

After editing, click Save & Go To Playground to go to Playground.

Playground (Citation)


  • AiSK Name: The Display name of AiSK
  • AiSK ID: Unique ID of AiSK
  • Share icon: Click to share AiSK 
  • Edit button: Click to edit AiSK 
  • Logo: The default is BV logo


  • Language button: Click to switch response language.  After you switch to your preferred language, whatever language you ask in the message field, the response language will follow your preference. 
  • Clean massage button: Click to clean old messages and start a new conversation (Note: Cleaned message cannot be restored) 
  • Input message field: User can enter any messages here but blank message is not allowed
  • Send button: User can send messages by clicking this button or the enter key.  When user send a message, the message will be shown on the top of chat box

Option feature:

  • Knowledge Base selection: When Knowledge Base toggle is turned on,  Knowledge Base selection will be available and the icon will be shown. The users can select specific Knowledge Bases or all Knowledge Bases here based on their requirements.


  • Display Citation: When Citation toggle is turned on, if the users ask the question which is corresponding to the Source, it will display the related data from your Knowledge Base. 
  • Summary response: It’s able to get summary as AiSK response when triggering with predefined keyword and get related citation including the source of the Summary generated from. If the generated summary language is different from the preferred language setting in AiSK , Summary will be translated via LLM to the preferred language for response. It supports Traditional Chinese, English, and Japanese languages. 

You can auto-gen or edit the contents of Summary on source details in the Source list. 

Citation links to the data of Source. The types of Citation are listed in below: 

Citation Type Detail

Display video’s thumbnail, title and video length. Click to open the player and start playing the video.

Clip: Display the time period and subtitles of each video’s segment

Weblink Display webpage’s thumbnail, title and URL. Click to open the webpage in a new window.
Local Drive

Display thumbnail, file name and file type. (File type: PDF, doc, docx)

Click to open the file in a new window.



You can switch the Theme to Dark mode on Look and Feel


Publish AiSK

When your Aisk is ready, you can click the share icon on the Aisk list or Playground to share AiSK via website or iframe.

  • : Publish AiSK


Delete AiSK

You can delete AiSK in the AiSK List by clicking on the delete icon.

Please note that deleting AiSK will stop the in-progress deployment.


AiSK Status

There are three statuses (Training/Ready/Failed) for AiSK, please find each status’ details in the table below.

Status Description
Training The status when Knowledge Base or Source is training
Ready AiSK is ready to use
Failed Failed to create AiSK