How does AiSK handle slang or colloquial language?

AiSK, like many AI-driven systems, is primarily designed to understand and process plain language. This design choice is based on the necessity for clear and unambiguous communication, particularly in professional or formal contexts. The use of slang or colloquial language can pose a challenge, as these forms of language often carry contextual or cultural nuances that may not be readily decipherable by AI systems like AiSK.

To mitigate this issue, it is advisable for users to phrase their queries in plain language. This ensures that AiSK can process and respond to requests more effectively. Additionally, regular updates and enhancements to the Knowledge Base with commonly used terms, including popular slang or colloquial expressions, can significantly improve AiSK’s understanding and ability to handle such language. This approach not only broadens the system's linguistic capability but also makes it more adaptable to diverse user groups.