What should I do if AiSK repeats the same answer?

Repetition of answers in AiSK could be indicative of two primary issues: the limitations of the information available in the Knowledge Bases or the manner in which queries are phrased. When AiSK encounters a question, it searches its Knowledge Bases for relevant information. If the data is limited or overly specific to certain queries, this could result in the system generating the same answer for different but related questions.

To address this, users are encouraged to enrich the Knowledge Bases with a broader range of information. Expanding the available Knowledge Bases allows AiSK to access a more diverse set of data points, thereby enabling it to provide varied and more accurate responses. Furthermore, rephrasing questions can also be effective. By altering the way a question is phrased, users might trigger different aspects of AiSK’s response mechanism, leading to more varied answers.