General Settings

Word Filter Management

Word Filter Overview

Word Filter feature allows users to filter out the messages in real time against spam, threats, and foul texts and to focus on exactly the data that you want to see during the live event.

Access the Word Filter below the Library via the sidebar on the console.

Total 6 dictionaries are allowed in the Word Filter. Three of them are default dictionaries which can not be deleted/edited, including separately English, Japanese, and Mandarin languages which you can download to create your own.

Also, you can customize up to 3 dictionaries which can be added/deleted/edited. Each dictionary is allowed to have 1000 words

Create Filter Dictionary

Click Add Filter Dictionary to add a new dictionary.

Input Field

  • Filter Dictionary Name: Input your preferred name in the field. Default name is “Dictionary”. This field is required and must be less than 30 characters.
  • Filter Dictionary Description: Input the description of your Filter Dictionary.
  • Upload Filter Dictionary: Select your file to be uploaded which you can modify the attached “example” file as your own. 

Users are allowed to upload a .csv file to overwrite one of the 3 customized dictionaries only if they follow the format. The words that don’t follow the policy would not take effect in the filtering function. The policy is described below:

  1. Each word in the dictionary is limited to 40 characters.
  2. The word could not contain symbols except for “-”, ” _”
  3. No need to examine if there are repetitive words.


Click Save to create your customized dictionary.


The created Filter Dictionary can be confirmed in the Word Filter list, and could edit/add/delete words in the dictionary.

Enable Word Filter in Chatroom

Enable Word Filter in the setting of the chatroom, you can enable all Word Filters or specific ones. 

To manage Word Filter setting during live, please refer to <Manage Chatroom while Live>.


When a user sends the indecent word in the chatroom during a live event, the word will be automatically filtered out if it exists in Filter Dictionaries, and the other users will not see the filtered word. Only Admin can see the indecent word with red word “Filtered Out” at the right side.