Analytics for AiSK

Analytics Overview

Analytics for AiSK is to enable users to track and get insights into the performance of their AiSK bots, empowering users to make informed decisions and optimization effectively and efficiently.

Bot and Time Range filters

On the top of overview tab, you can set up filters to narrow the data displayed on the visualized graphics:

  • Bot: Select and filter the bots you would to be included
  • Time Range: Select and filter the time range
    • Last N days: select from 7, 28, 90, and 365 days.
    • Custom: set a custom start and end date.

Note: All data is displayed in UTC



These consumption records are for reference only. Please check the actual billed data at [Dashboard] or [Organization > Billing].


The count of messages (User query).

You can confirm the Messages count based on each AiSK or each Model by dropdown. 


  • AiSK
  • Model


The amount of Ready unique bot (Bot ID) counting consumption.

Source Characters

The count of Source characters.


The count of storage consumption. The graphic will show your storage usage for encoding and file storing. 

Auto-generated Transcription

You can confirm the consumption with the length of the Source files multiplied by the number of audio tracks.